Doll Collections List

 These collections have covered
  The 1980's
  Early 2000's
Almost 30 years of history
They made many more
This is only a glimpse
of  the Collections that were made
if you do not see the Gibson girl doll
She is linked to this blog as she is my own collection

Franklin mint   Celestial Angle Collection 1987 to 2010

Franklin mint porcelain Gone with the Wind  Collection 1987 to 99

Franklin mint Story Book Dolls  and Nursery Rhyme  Collections 1984 and 85

Disney Fairy Tale Collections 1988 to 91

Franklin mint  Fairy Tail Royal Queens Collections 1988 to 92

Franklin mint Historical  Women Collection 1982 to 85 and 89 to 97

Franklin mint  Maids of the 13 Colonies Collection 1983

Franklin mint Country Store  Collection 1986

Franklin mint Romanov Collection 1985 to 2008

Franklin mint Coventry Garden Collection 1993

Franklin mint Gemstone Girls Collection  1990

Franklin mint  Poetry of the Fan Collection 1984 and 1995

Franklin mint  Movie and Television Collection 1984 to 1993

Franklin mint Collections Days of The Week Dolls 1990

Franklin mint Victorian Winter Princess Collection 1990 to 99

Franklin mint Southern Belle Collection 93 to 96

Franklin mint Myth and Legends Collection 1985 to 2004

Franklin mint Irish collection 1990's and early 2000'sDoll Collections


franklin mint-final-3-gibson-dolls-2004.html




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