Friday, 23 June 2017

Collections 1983 Maids of the 13 Colonies

This The Complete  Set of Maids of the 13 Colonies
produced by  Franklin Heirloom Dolls in 1983
Each doll represents one of the original 13 Colonies
Each doll  came with her own story card with historical facts
information gathered eBay .com 
All dolls are Hall Marked 1983
Abigail of New Hampshire

Anna of  Rhode Island

Alice of  New Jersey

Cecily of Virginia

Deborah of  New York

Eliza of  South Carolina

Hannah of  Pennsylvania


Jane  of  North Carolina

Letitia of  Mary lands

Mercy of Connecticut

Pamela of  Georgia

Polly of  Delaware

Priscilla  of  Massachusettes